Our vineyards

Our SANCERRE vineyard is very divided up, but it provides us with the three different Sancerre terroirs:

♦  The clay and limestone ‘terres blanches’ (white ground) produce robust, full-bodied wines. Although they take longer to become established, they have a better ageing potential. Most of our vines grow on this type of ground.

♦ ‘Les caillottes’ consist of very stony, very limestone slopes and give rise to delicate, light and fruity wines. These account for one hectare of the operation.

♦ Soils rich in flint give rise to full-bodied, long-lived wines with the characteristic bouquet.

Our vineyard in POUILLY sur LOIRE is located in the municipality of ST ANDELAIN. Our vines producing our POUILLY-FUMÉ are planted on 100% Kimmeridgian marl ground and benefit from a southwestern exposure.